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We’re going to need a bigger boat.

Love and Hate


  • There are all sorts of stories about how the world works.
  • If your story is going to be Science, you need to be able to use it to generate bets.
  • The bets need to be bets you can settle using something observable.
  • The outcome has to be…

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The big italicized text aren’t quotations but part of the text…a running tl/dr as it were.

I suggest scanning quickly down…

Science and Religion. You can apply one, the other, or both to guide action. But as views of the universe, they contradict.

  • There is a house on the beach of a jungle island.
  • The house is large and rectangular.
  • Two sides are parallel to the waterline with floor-to-ceiling glass windows.
  • The view toward…

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Photo by Tj Holowaychuk on Unsplash

I’m interested in the stories you choose to tell to friends and family because, without understanding why exactly, they feel important.


Slowly I turned

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Niaagraaaa Falls!

Godin likens ‘consciousness choice’ to a play-by-play announcer commenting on pre-existing events.

What I find disturbing is the gap between the experimental findings and the conceptual framework the authors lead with

It’s back!

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