Part 3: Where They Attack, We Defend.

(Here are Part 1 and Part 2)

The Counterforce: Where They Attack, We Defend

You are being targeted. The target is your emotions…the negative ones: fear, rage,depression,disgust. Besides the immediate individual impact, they spill over and have a corrosive effect on our relationships with family and friends. They makes us less effective.

Political : A Legislative First Step

To get a grasp on this we need some immediate transparency.


Strengthen the Tribe; Build Bridges

Since the enemy’s key attack point is where they see our most significant vulnerability and they’re primarily attacking solidarity…trying to dissolve the type of social cohesion that leads us to seek broad collective solutions…that is where we defend.

Personal: Self Care

Manage Time and Attention

Spreading awareness of the manipulation around us is critical. It is a first step towards a movement that can grow to stop this effort to pit Americans against each other and unravel our democracy.

There’s a baked in irony. The fight against this clear danger can provide a focus to bring us together rather than further divide us!

Further reading — General References and Useful Articles

There’s been a lot of in-depth coverage of the hows, whys, and background of the current situation. Here’s a useful selection of different angles.


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