Emotional Truth / Political Lies — Table of Contents

Alan Tabor
3 min readOct 2, 2021

Looking at the emotional dynamics and types of political exploitation that have created our political divide

=== The Farm Team === ===

I’m using my blog to build bigger stories in bite-size bits. Currently working on the flipside to a Bigger Us, i.e. a Smaller Them.

=== The New Series === ===

*** Emotional Truth: Immiseration and Identity Formation ***

#02 — Shootout at the OK Corral — An American Ecstasy
How emotional truths become ensnared in political nonsense: immiseration, violence, good and bad political strategies, millenarianism, and cosplay revolution.
…and a companion article: Am I Part of a Secret White Guy Death Cult?

#03 — Overcoming Political Polarization
“How could they be so stupid?” A look at the identity, self blame, and polarization when American wage earners are economically and politically disenfranchised.

*** Political Lies: Manipulation and Exploitation ***

#01 — Emotional Truths, Political Lies — A Introduction to Key Themes
It costs a lot to make people stupid. Fox News distorts even vs other Republicans. But why are people susceptible?

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*** Cultural Fraction Lines ***

#04 — Pain, Death, and Blood in the Streets: A Book Report
A historical perspective on the ‘decoherence’ of America’s body politic.

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*** Gender and Other Others ***

#05 — We Need a Bigger Boat

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*** Being Human — Why…



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