Evidence indicates that consciousness is the last thing that happens in >some< mental processes.

Linet who did the pioneering research in 2004 stated: “Given the issue is so fundamentally important to our view of who we are, a claim that our free will is illusory should be based on fairly direct evidence. Such evidence is not available.”

Haynes fired off the most recent round of this misinterpretation with the lead paragraph in his 2008 Nature Neuroscience article. His qualifier is easy to miss there but in subsequent interviews, eg Wired, he softens the claim substantially.

I give a blow by blow in my story below.

Perhaps consciousness is merely along for the ride but the evidence is far from complete and not convincing if you’re at all skeptical. I didn’t buy it when I read the Nature article back in 2008 and haven’t seen anything compelling since.

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