good tribe / bad tribe — nerdcore mix

Theories of Human Evolution

Reading Dawkins

A quick look at some conclusions before we take a more detailed trip to get there:

Scientific Progress

Cheaters always win

George C Williams
Selfish drives Altruists to extinction

Or do they?

John Maynard Smith

Step One — Haystacks

A more rigorous depiction. Reprinted in David Sloan Wilson’s Unto Others
David Sloan Wilson

War is the answer

Gratuitous Gertrude Stein pic

Step Two — Conflict

Sam Bowles

War! A Short History

1) Chimps tribes conduct genocidal raids on other chimp tribes

2) Prehistory: there’s archaeological evidence of the same among early humans

3) Ancient Warfare was, typically, genocidal, too….with much higher casualty rates

The Truth is Within

Watch out for the Cheater

Exhibit 1

Frans de Waal

Exhibit 2

Cheatin’ Conclusions

Love and War

Exhibit 1

First, Love is the Drug…

… a Double-edged Drug at that

Coda: Religious Genius


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