good tribe / bad tribe references

The below is pretty meaningless with out the core story found here:



- David Sloan Wilson, Evolution. 41(5), 1987, pp. 1059–1070

Abstract.- A group-selection model is presented in which each group isinitiated by a single fertilized female and persists for several generations before dispersal. Maynard Smith (1964) concluded that altruism could not plausibly evolve under these circumstances. I show that his conclusion is an artifact of a simplifying assumption that amounts to a worst-case scenario for group selection. When the standard donor-recipient equations for altruistic behavior are used in Maynard Smith’s model, Mendelian populations derived from sibling groups are often more favorable for the evolution of altruism than are the sibling groups themselves. In general, long-term and large-scale aspects of population structure may at times be important in the evolution of altruistic and other group-advantageous behaviors.

Cheaters and Cheater Detection

Pull quote from On Human Nature:
“The buzz of conversation is a constant background to the camp’s activities: there is an endless flow of talk about gathering, hunting, the weather, food distribution, gift giving, and scandal. No !Kung is ever at a loss for words, and often two or three people will hold forth at once in a single conversation, giving the listeners a choice of channels to tune in on. A good proportion of this talk in even the happiest of camps verges on argument. People argue about improper food distribution, about breaches of etiquette, and about failure to reciprocate hospitality and gift giving… almost all the arguments are ad hominem. The most frequent accusations heard are of pride, arrogance, laziness, and selfishness.

War — the ‘us’ emotions

Chimp Wars

Not All Chimps, Though

Other Explanations

Child rearing: A personal favorite. “It takes a village to raise a child” viewed as evolutionary shaping of both care givers and infants/children.

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy


Warfare in Human Evolution

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