Hi, Andy, thanks for the thoughtful reply.

I think you may be attributing positions to me where I’m posing questions but beyond thank for adding to the conversation, a couple of comments:

  1. threads and cs — ultimately there are threads at a very fine level of granularity. Neurochemical or electrical signaling that branches and recombines in complex manners. Your description of a variety of factors going into it all sounds good to me although I’m sure we both feel it’s incomplete. The image was intended to be suggestive, not definitive, and what I chose to focus on was the ‘embeddedness’ of conscious processes — it’s a natural as part of the flow — as opposed to something sitting ‘on top’ of the ‘real’ processes. Imho, of course.

Not sure what all you read. Did you see this one? I consider free will to be another embodied process.



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