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I'm not a physical science guy but in the case of Dyson and Harper I find it pretty hard to believe that the folks building the big competing models of climate have ignored the physical properties of CO2. To compete with those models, they'd need a model of their own that includes CO2 saturation in some meaningful manner and to go through some sort of peer review.

Here's a more detailed workout on the Charles Mann's point in the video above:


The problem is that if all you have to do is make up something that sounds plausible and not work inside the modeling and peer-review process there's a near infinite amount of shit that you can throw. Which, of course, they do.

That's why I contend that a competing model is 'table stakes.'


The best argument might be probabilistic: let's say there's a 40% chance Harper is right (he isn't) and a 60% chance we're burning down the planet. What's the forward path? It's one thing to risk falling on the monkeys and another when you're half way up El Cap.

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