I don’t believe the term punishment is really used for men by the author. I’d say it means “bring it on” in reference to the punishment women receive for calling someone on their shit. That it means: regrettably nothing will change unless women push it and take some shots.

What she has done, and hence could be considered as advocating, both as a male and female is

  • meet 1x1 with the person
  • bring the problem behavior to their attention by highlighting their actions and explaining that’s making some else highly uncomfortable
  • suggesting they stop.

That would give the ‘offender’ even if the intentions are simply being misunderstood the opportunity to alter their behavior without resorting to any sort of punishment or public shaming. That seems pretty effing compassionate to me. Way beyond my capacity, quite honestly.

Being transgender and in her position as an academic charged with creating a learning environment in which her students feel safe to learn (although perhaps challenged by the content<g>), the author really has a unique and valuable perspective on all this, imho. Worth a reread.

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