Interesting! And clearly, you’ve done a lot of thinking about this. I’ve been fascinated by sex and gender with a life-long fascination with both Jung and evolutionary biology. I view gender as a ‘stack’ rooted in genotype, then phenotype, prenatal environment, and up into culture with some ambiguity at each level and multiple signally pathways between levels of the stack. We’re only beginning to sort it out.

Here’s some grist for the mill:

How much is culture? How much is biology? How wide does the Bell Curve spread for each trait? How much overlap? How big is the intersex population? For example, if men are generally taller and have a testosterone boost and longer arms, they’d get a mechanical advantage over women throwing a rock. Some men over some women. And how does a bow or atlatl impact that? Or an assault rifle?

I do think you tend to conflate the edge cases (that often tend to get highlighted in the media) with the median in BLM, ‘woke’ cultural trends, etc. There were bomb-throwing anarchists and a whole lot of everyday working people in the early US labor movement, for example.

Also, I think there’s a whole lot on Twitter that aims at heightening the extremes dishonestly…either for the lulz or as a deliberate political strategy. (I still expect to discover someday that QAnon is someone’s joke that got totally out of hand.)

Here’s some interesting toxicity. Ctrl/Cmd-F and check out the section on ‘Columbian Chemical’.

Also, on ‘why am I a target’ for a plausible paranoid fantasy of my own. There are, btw, some good tools for analyzing your own or others ‘influencer-ness.’ Could you be a target;-)?

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