So, you've never actually answered my repeated question. I'll repeat it. You're a teacher. A student (male or female) comes to you and says they're distressed by another student's (male or female) actions towards them. Could be perceived sexual harrassment. Could be freezing them out of the process or ignoring their contribution. Could be bullying. (Lots of attention currently to female on female bullying or female on male bullying in classroom environments, btw.) So, climb down off the high horse and tell me what exactly you're thinking the teacher should do? Nothing? Seriously?

To answer your question, I lack capacity because after high school, college, and 40 years in the business world, it's been my observation the most men that act like assholes by talking over or ignoring women or treating them like lesser beings are, in fact, assholes that should be given zero slack. They're destructive, screw up productivity, and can poison organizational effectiveness. I don't like them and shouldn't have to 'feel for them'...that's their own fucking job. (I guess that's precisely the response you dislke but there you have it.)

That said, I think we've worked out on the poor author's comments column long enough. I'm working on a reboot and extension of some stuff I wrote back in 2016. It will be a series on the economic distress and emotional suffering that has landed us where we are. At some point I will be presenting my take on toxic masculinity. I'd be happy to have you come argue with me there.

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