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Alan Tabor
6 min readJan 21, 2021

I write from my disparate obsessions and don’t expect anyone to find all of it interesting except me.

Hence, a tool to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The links are to Medium Lists but you can just scroll down the page to see info on all articles.

Tribes — our evolutionary heritage will save us or sink us
Practical Mysticism — ‘non-ordinary’ states in theory and practice
Free Will and Consciousness — thoughts & tirades
Personal Growth — individual & archetypal
Story of Story — a lifelong obsession
Emotional Truths / Political Lies — wtf is going on
Amalgamated Amalgamations— Strengthen the Tribe, Build Bridges (a collaborative exploration)
Random — science, science fiction, mathematical modeling, privacy, etc

Tribes and Human Evolution

Evolution forged into highly cooperative tribes in lethal competition with other highly cooperative tribes. This gave us deep empathy and the ability to turn it off and treat conspecifics as the enemy. It’s baked into our biochemistry and underlies a lot of the glory and horror of being human.



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