The thing is, I think a deep dive into our evolutionary history is necessary to find out what we’ve got to work with. 1M years ago ‘we’ were a fire and tool using hominid with a brain about 2/3rds its current size. For at least the last .5M years we seemed to have survived in competition with other tribes of our own or similar species either directly in raids and warfare or indirectly through competition for resources. This made us way more cooperative than almost all other mammals but, also, easily yanked around by any dipshit with an Us vs Them story. The Us vs Them thinking is what Kahneman calls fast-thinking. It happens before our more recent human responses kick in. Knowing that gives us more options but we don’t get to declare ourselves over our biological heritage and have that work somehow.


Berkeley Backpacking Biz Lifer, System Builder, Coder, Community Organizer, Music and Evolutionary Biology Geek. Sign up and my projects at

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