Very interesting. I think that it's important to distinguish between how racism has been entrench institutionally and hence need to be kept constantly in view and how a race-centric view impacts us interpersonally and could mask complexity and might actually inhibit progress.

In a sense, racism is >the< problem (Caste was extremely convincing) but overcoming classism is the solution. Not to minimize it's impact on Black people but racism has been an absolute disaster for working class White people over the last 70 years. It's their racism, true but it's literally killing them. Karma, maybe, but the suffering is real. And White includes John Brown, abolitionists, dead Union soldiers, etc, etc. There's individual and collective karma not two big entities called Black and White connected by simple equations.

The solution is solidarity and work towards fixes that will definitely help Black Americans but, also, pretty much all of us, eg health care...with targeted outreach to communities that have been traditionally barred from participation by overt or covert/institutionalized racism. Common cause needs to be made against the real enemy that has found keeping us at each others throats works to their advantage.

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