Having fun in our Wordle chat thread

Alan Tabor


How we got here.

Step 1: Wordle’s color palette of grey, green, and yellow suggested Japanese scroll paintings of mist on green mountains. That, in turn, inspired haiku

Step 2: it occurred to me to extend the rules so that instead of 5/7/5 syllables, the syllable count should be determined by the number of correct letters in each line.

Step 3: Laura added a rule for lines with no correct letters. The word for that line should be nothing, nowhere, emptiness, blank, or something similar.

An example with some guidelines

The word was NIGHT


All that
“splendid” about it.

Commentary: you have to be careful if you reference the actual word to avoid making it too much of a clue…or post it after everyone else. But bonus points nonetheless.


Backwards — the F

Commentary: you reference the image concretely.


is all I see
Glowing in the night

Commentary: rather than using the image concretely you can use it as an inspiration — most often as a nature reference.


Hey, who
turned out the lights

Commentary: the gray on my desktop has a dark grey, not light grey, as the wrong-guess color hence the night references. Not looking for deep emotional…



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